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Man Arrested for attempting to Empty father’s grave

Police in Kigumo, Murang’a County have arrested a man found emptying the grave of his father who was buried six years ago.

Raphael Ndung’u, 40, was half way emptying the grave at around 5pm yesterday when his siblings found him and raised alarm.

Kirwara Assistant Chief, John Megere said the man claimed that he wanted to kill and bury another of his family members at the same grave with his father.

His mother had fled their home two days ago for fear that his son would kill her, he said.

He said Ndungu is a major suspect, having been remanded at Kamiti maximum security prison for five years for an unnamed capital offence but was later released for lack of evidence.

He has also been suspect of having a gun, causing fear to his family and the locals at an equal measure.

“The man lives in Dandora estate in Nairobi and visits his family often. Whenever he is around, the area is never at peace, residents live in fear and during such visits a robbery incident must be reported,” he said.

Shocked residents gathered at the suspect’s home wondering what had gotten into the man, terming it an abomination to the community.

He behaved violently and only the police were able to get close, before they could arrest him. The man is being detained at Kirwara police station.

By Muoki Charles



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