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Man in Custody for Spreading Fake News

Police in Narok town are holding a young man who published false information on a Facebook account alleging that Narok County Commissioner George Natembeya had been involved in a fatal road accident.

Kimutai Ngeno who published the information on Narok Lets Talk group on 20th December 2018 was arrested today at Ewaso Nyiro area by Criminal Investigating Officers who had been tracking him.

According to an affidavit drawn by the investigating officer Eric Owour, Mr. Ngeno gave false information that the county commissioner was involved in the accident while on his way back to Narok town from Narok South where he alleged Natembeya had gone to burn refugee camps.

In the sworn Affidavit, Mr. Owour says the false publication caused panic and insecurity to the residents of Narok County and that it was intended to cause disaffection amongst the Kipsigis community and spark ethnic clashes between them and Maasai who live in the Sub County.

“Similar publications have in the past sparked ethnic clashes in the area leading to loss of life, destruction of property and untold human suffering,” the affidavit read.

Mr. Owour will seek the court to give five days to investigate the matter saying due to public interest, it is required that a conducive investigation is carried out.

Similar writings on social media platforms have in the past sparked violence among the Kipsigis and Maasai communities living around the Maasai Mau Forest.

Narok North Deputy County Commissioner Ronald Mwiwawi has in the past warned residents against spreading propaganda on their social media platforms saying the admins of such groups will be held responsible.

Last year, a series of clashes were witnessed in the area which saw tens of people killed, property destroyed and many left nursing injuries after the two communities battled each other.

Security details blamed social media propaganda for the violence warning that those involved will be charged accordingly.

By Ann Salaton




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