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Man sets own house ablaze in attempt to kill wife

Rebecca Kerubo and the brother Ronald Onyancha watch what was left after Rebecca’s house was set on fire by her husband. Photo by Deborah Bochere

A man from Bonyamatuta Chache location in Nyamira County set his house ablaze in an attempt to kill his wife for her failure to give birth to boys.

Rebecca Kerubo, escaped death narrowly Thursday night after her husband burnt their house claiming she was not fit for him over her inability to give birth to male children.

In an interview with KNA Friday, Rebecca, a mother of four girls and one granddaughter narrated her horrific experience on the fateful night after her husband’s attempt to lynch her failed.

“My husband came home drunk at around 10pm while we were asleep and started insulting me before he turned violent assaulting me on accusations of failure to give him sons and a proper meal for supper.

He overpowered me, and locked me inside the house but I was saved by our elder daughter,” Rebecca recounted.

She told KNA that her elder daughter was the one who tiptoed to their main house from where they were sleeping and opened the door for her.

“When he heard us opening the doors he rushed back but we ran for our lives as he was unable to catch up with us due to his drunkenness. We had to spend the night at a neighbour’s home till the following morning,” Rebecca expounded.

It was only an hour later, she added, that noise was heard from the calves and chicken from their compound indicating they were not safe but nobody could dare go there for fear of the assailant,” Rebecca said.

Rebecca said they woke up Friday to a rude shock when the neighbour who hosted them brought them news that their house was in ashes and they could not salvage anything.

Area chief Tesling Okinya said the villagers are working with the police to arrest the fugitive Joash Misati.

By Deborah Bochere/ChriphineOtieno

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