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Man Takes Own Life On Christmas Eve

A 68-year old man from Samburu county took his own life on the eve of Christmas unclear circumstances.

The body of the late Ngaiyo Lesiamito who was a retired Education Officer was found dangling at his matrimonial home in Samburu North in an incident that has puzzled both the family and neighbours alike.

Police reports indicated that the wife to the deceased stumbled on the lifeless body before she raised alarm, prompting neighbours to rush in to cut him loose but it was too late as the former educationist was already dead.

Local police chief  Abagaro Guyo however said preliminary reports failed to point to any  clear reasons as to why the victim decided to take his own life, but could not rule out a family angle to the case.

He said the officers had opened an inquest into the incident, and will rely on the information given by the family of the deceased to unravel the mystery.

Guyo at the same time appealed to both religious and community leaders to develop strategies on dispute resolution mechanism to pacify parties involved in domestic broils to enable early detection of the emotional state of the protagonist to avert recurrence of such cases.

The body of the deceased was taken to the Maralal District Hospital for post mortem.

By Lelendu Petikas


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