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Mentors want l good values Instilled on Children.

Social virtues should be stemmed in the education curriculum to help in nurturing young people to grow up being responsible persons, a group of mentors have urged.

A section of mentors on education have said values like trustworthy, integrity, honest among others should be taught from early education levels.

The mentors who are former students of Kahuhia Girls High School in Murang’a observed that increased social evils in the society was because learners were adopting what grown-ups were doing.

The mentors said young people were observing and learning them from adults engaging in strikes, corruption among other vices, saying if not educated on how to avoid such evils, they may embrace them when they grow up.

Led by Jane Gathoni, the mentors who visited their former high school on Monday observed that corruption was being mistaken by young people as a form to a mass wealth.

Gathoni decried increased cases of corruption in the country which had deprived the nation resources to improve livelihood among Kenyans.

“Training on social ethics from early stages can help students to grow up being people of high integrity,” she added.

She added that lack of integrity among grown-ups was plunging the country into many evils including drug abuse and abortion.

“Digital platforms can be abused by young people to adopt some social evils. There is need to train them on better ways to use social media,” added another mentor Elizabeth Wanjiku.

The old students of Kahuhia underscored the need for parents to monitor their children closely saying the duty of training and proper upbringing of children should not be left to teachers only.

“Lack of close monitoring of children by parents may create a loophole for young people to be lured by their peers to engage in social evils,” said Wanjiku.

They advised girls to give education priority and avoid being indulging in some behaviours which may ruin their future.

Kahuhia Girls Principal Naomi Njihia praised good discipline exhibited by her students saying it had contributed to better performance in the recent years.

She further lauded the group of the old students who have been mentoring young learners to grow up being responsible people.

By Bernard Munyao

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