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Miraa and muguka sale aboard vehicles banned

Miraa vendors sell their product at Archers Post town in Samburu East on Thursday November 8, 2018. Photo by Robert Githu/KNA.

Samburu County government has banned the sale of miraa and muguka in Maralal town with immediate effect.

The ban was effected on Tuesday evening by Maralal Town Administrator, Lalakipiani Moruta who cited that muguka and miraa vendors using Probox vehicles caused obstruction in the town hence creating disorderliness.

In a letter obtained by KNA addressed to all revenue clerks in Maralal town, the administrator banned the sale of the stimulants aboard private vehicles, usually Probox model.

“This office has noted with a lot of concern an influx of vehicles selling muguka in Maralal town consequently causing obstruction and disorderliness,” the letter also copied to the Officer Commanding Police Station (OCS) Maralal and the Director of Trade and Cooperatives read.

“This office has disallowed selling of the said commodities on vehicles forthwith and affected traders are advised to look for a premises to conduct their business,” it added.

However, the affected traders cried foul, saying that they usually paid Sh.100 daily fee to the town’s revenue officials.

A  muguka trader, Christopher  Njeru said that the move was unfair to those who sold the commodity aboard vehicles noting that business premises were expensive to rent.

“I buy muguka in bulk from Mbeere, Embu County and transport it very early in the morning and by mid afternoon, I am in Maralal town where I sell it for two to three days. I will not make any profit if I am forced to rent a stall for Sh.10, 000 per month considering other unfavourable factors like fuel hikes,” Njeru said.

Another  trader, Jackson  Murimi, clarified that miraa vehicles do not cause obstruction and disorderliness in Maralal town saying that the ban is malicious.

“All we do is park the vehicle at a designated area in town without blocking traffic or anyone’s business, open the boot, and sell our commodity and if revenue collectors come, we pay. What is wrong with that?” Murimi questioned.

Muguka is sourced from various parts of Embu County and has a huge market in Samburu.

By  Robert  Githu

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