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Miraa farmers urged to embrace fish farming

Farmers in major Miraa producing Igembe region of Meru county have been urged to embrace fish farming to not only boost their economic base but also their health.

The Igembe regional Director of Fisheries Development Kennedy Opiyo said fish farming was very fundamental not only for its high protein content and nutritional value but also a promising commercial venture.

“Fish consumption is encouraged even by doctors as a substitute for red meat and hence significant to the health of humanity and particularly the development of the brain and bones of small children,” said Opiyo.

Opiyo who was speaking to farmers outside his office in Maua town yesterday advised them that the commercial venture of fish extends beyond consumption because it is also used for its aesthetic nature like in some offices or hotels or even homesteads.

When farmers sought to know the stocking methods, the fisheries officer highlighted some of them as floating cages, earthen water ponds and reservoirs.

He cited the main challenge in Igembe for fish farming as water shortage and attitudinal barrier by some people who due to ignorance do not know the value of eating fish.

Opiyo encouraged farmers to share the knowledge with their friends and inform them of the need of nurturing culture of growing and eating fish for it’s not only a source of income but also creates employment if conducted well.

Mwenda Albert, one of the attendants appealed to the department to conduct various trainings in suitable fish farming areas and educate consumers on fish preparation skills, saying they are in total darkness when it comes to cooking this delicacy.

By Kamanja Maeria

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