Murang’a Pupils Embrace e-Reading Culture

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Primary school pupils in Murang’a have embraced e-reading, thanks to digital gadgets provided by Kenya National Library Services (KNLS).

Officers from KNLS, Murang’a branch have been visiting various schools with the gadgets to help learners access reading materials from the pads.

The digital gadgets are equipped with various reading materials including curriculum books, story books, articles etc.

Officer in in-charge of Murang’a Library Ms. Carolyne Gacaku has told KNA that they received 40 pad donated by Book Aid International organization in September last year.

She said the gadgets commonly known as Kio kits are connected to server to assist to help users also access to online books

Gacaku said after receiving the pads they launched the program the same month and they have been visiting various schools within Kiharu constituency adding that so far they have been able to visit 25 local schools.

“When we visit a school for the first time, we train the teachers on how to use the gadgets before getting to the classes to teach the learners. We do this to ensure that the teachers embrace and own the programme,” said Gacaku.

She continued “Learners in the area have embraced the programme and they like it since even during the holidays and weekends they pay visit to the library to use the gadgets.”

The Librarian noted their staff usually ensures that there is a balance between reading of books and using of the digital gadgets saying that all learners want to use the gadgets, a sign that they are embracing e-reading.

Despite having been given funds to assist in visiting the schools, Gacuku divulged that some school heads have sometimes offered to facilitate transport so that they can get to teach their pupils to use the gadgets more times.

“The digital learning program has not only benefited pupils but also adults who use e-readers, a gadget that is mainly for reading unlike the Kio kits which contain games,” she added.

She further highlighted that 75 e-readers that were donated by Word Reader two years ago have been put to use by adults who visit the library to read books pre-loaded in them.

“These e-readers, which can hold up to four hundred books have been so far preloaded with two hundred books each,” noted the Librarian.

Meanwhile, Gacaku observed that they have started Anasoma Book Club where people read a book together and get to discuss it with the authors when they pay a visit, making it very interesting.

With this kind of digital learning system in the region, people have enrolled for ICT classes in the library where they learn basic computer packages, social media privacy and also networking.

By Bernard Munyao

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