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Nanok Wants Border Dispute Settled Peacefully

Governor Josphat Nanok has urged residents of Urum, Loima Sub County to be wary of politicians out to cause disharmony between the two sub counties.


Speaking over the border dispute pitting the Loima and Turkana west sub counties, Nanok assured leaders were engaged in constructive dialogue to amicably resolve their indifferences.


“The issue is being handled well and will be amicably resolved by political leaders. It should not be politicized as the issue is being resolved collectively,” he said.


The elders at Urum raised the issue of border disparity between the two sub counties saying it is being instigated by politicians.


Speaking to Urum elders from Nakwapua in Loima Sub County at the wedding of Land Chief officer Mark Ewesit, the Governor said he has already met all political elders in the county and they will go round to all wards with border issues to resolve them.

Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok


He added that the county government would take a leading role to enable the leaders sit together and map out the best ways to resolve any contentions concerning the borders.


He said the issue of water challenges require huge funding and the national government and donors are supposed to input more resources in support especially in building big dams.


He said Kenya and Uganda will soon sign an agreement facilitated by IGAD with water being a key component.


Kobebe dam in Uganda provides water for livestock to both Kenya and Uganda pastoralists.


The issue of ravaging hunger and relief food was a big concern by the elders but the Governor reiterated that it is the responsibility of both levels of government to provide enough relief food to the affected regions in the country. But on county government part, the relief food procurement process is on-going and food supplies will be available for distribution in January and February.


On education, Governor Nanok told elders that his government has already disbursed Sh 5 million to every ward for secondary and college students for their studies.


“More county government and national CDF funds combined will further address issues of fees and there should be no reason for students and parents to worry,” assured the Governor.


But he was quick to note that education is the responsibility of both the government and the parents and requires joint effort.


By Peter Gitonga

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