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NCCK calls for concerted efforts in the war against graft

The Newly elected National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) Chairman for Lower Eastern Region, Rev. Joseph Mutungi addressing the press at ABC Bomani headquarters in Machakos town on June 13 2018. He took over from Rt. Rev. Gadiel Lenini who is now Kajiado NCCK County Coordinating Chairperson. Photo by KNA.

The  National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) Lower Eastern Region has called for concerted efforts in the war against spiraling graft in the country.

Through the newly elected Chairman, Rev. Joseph Mutungi, the council noted that corruption had soared to unprecedented levels in the country and therefore needed to be tackled from all fronts before it ruins the future of Kenya.

Addressing the press at ABC Bomani headquarters in Machakos town on Wednesday, Rev. Mutungi termed graft as a malignant cancer that was progressively destroying the very fabric of the society, saying the council also recommended that the vice be declared a national disaster.

“The Regional Conference recognizes that corruption is a cancer that is progressively killing our nation. We therefore embrace and reiterate the position taken by NCCK Executive Committee which recommended that corruption be declared a national disaster so as to intensify action and campaign against it,” said part of the joint statement which was read by Rev. Mutungi.

The council also recommended that past graft offenders be offered a one year amnesty within which to return all stolen loot and to name their accomplices.

They also called for reforms in the anti corruption agencies to help them deal effectively with corrupt government officials, including passing life sentences to those convicted for graft.

And in regard to the recent announcement by opposition leader, Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta on their readiness to work together in reconciling the country, the leaders welcomed the move terming it a new era in the political history of the country.

They noted that since the agreement by the two leaders to work together, the country has enjoyed a period of relative peace that had not been experienced in recent years.

They also called on elected and appointed leaders in the country to take cue and work towards uniting the country both at the national and county levels.

“The Regional Conference appreciates that the agreement between His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga to work for unity has enabled the nation to recover from the events surrounding the 2017 General Elections.

We now call upon all the elected and appointed officials at both national and county levels to focus on satisfying the needs of the people they are in office to serve. The time for campaigning and engaging in politics of popularity is over,” the statement continued.

The council also called for sobriety and calm from residents of Machakos County following last week’s decision by the Court of Appeal to nullify the election of Dr. Alfred Mutua as governor.

While commending the parties for taking the right course in pursuing the matter as provided in the constitution, the members were quick to point out that they hoped area residents will eventually make the final choice in regard to the leader they want.

During the two day conference, five officials were elected as chairpersons to represent the counties that form the regional block.

Those elected include, Bishop Francis Matui (Makueni), Bishop Gadiel Lenini (Kajiado), Venerable Titus Wambua (Kitui) and Canon Dr. Eward Nzinga (Machakos).

By Samuel Maina/KNA

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