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NCIC Commissioners asks Vihiga residents to embrace president’s unity call

A commissioner with National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) has urged residents of Vihiga County to support national unity initiated by President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Commissioner Dr. Joseph Nasongo made the appeal at Sosa Cottages in Majengo town during a two day workshop which brought women and youth in the county together.

Nasongo praised the President and opposition leader, saying the now famous handshake between the duo had provided peaceful political environment to enable Kenyans seek solutions to challenges which recur during electioneering periods.

“It is time Kenyans exploited the opportunity provided by the symbolic handshake and address historical injustices,” said Nasongo.

He asked local leaders, including public servants, politicians and activists, to embrace the president’s crusade for a united Kenya by ensuring the handshake trickled down to the grassroots.

“The handshake should not only be an affair between President Uhuru and Odinga. All Kenyans must be encouraged to build bridges amongst themselves regardless of political and tribal affiliations,” Nasongo told the workshop.

The commissioner urged governors to foster political cohesion and integration among Kenyans living in their regions.

“Devolution should not be used to entrench tribal animosity among Kenyans,” said Nasongo.

He expressed the commission’s disappointment over what he described as failure by some county governments to observe the 30 per cent constitutional rule on recruitment of public servants.

“By refusing to incorporate Kenyans outside their counties, some county governments are entrenching tribalism which has been one of the major sources of political conflicts among Kenyans,” observed Nasongo.

Nasongo further appealed to the devolved units to put in place the necessary infrastructure in order to economically empower the youth and women.

“Economically empowered youth and women are instruments for building bridges for a peaceful society,” noted Nasongo.

The workshop was also attended by Vihiga County Commissioner Mr. John Chelimo and some officers from his office.

By Maurice Aluda

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