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Ngong residents reject rogue contractors

The Ngong Ring Road in Kajiado County, financed by the County Government, is under construction on Wednesday November 7, 2018. Photo by Ian Wamatu/KNA

Ngong  residents have rejected road contractors who allegedly refused to involve them before they commenced the works.

According to Ngong Member of County Assembly, Robert  Sungura, the contractors failed to implement the road works as per the approved Bill of Quantities.

Sungura  said the public were watching and would not allow substandard road construction in the Ward as they were the ones who paid taxes.

“Our role as MCAs is to oversight projects and not award tenders to contractors,” said the legislator. “Any project which members of the public raise concerns about, we ask the County Government to revoke the contracts,” he added.

Sungura  said residents demanded that the County Government stop the ongoing road constructions and awards tenders to new contractors ready to do quality works.

He  also raised concerns over failure by the County Government to harmonise local projects to ensure the oversight committee in every Ward was fully involved before the construction works started.

“We are not fighting any contractor who has been awarded a tender to construct a road. Instead, we are playing our oversight role to ensure the contractors demonstrate value for money allocated for the work they have been given,” said the MCA.

Sungura made the remarks  in  his Ngong office on Wednesday during a brief interview with Kenya News Agency where he warned rogue contractors that they risked being blacklisted.

“We are not going to entertain any substandard works in Ngong ward so long as the contractors have signed contracts with the County Government,” he said.

By  Nelly  Kosgey/Ian  Wamatu

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