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NLC blamed for delaying Sh. 10 million project

Budalangi MP, Raphael Wanjala has blamed National Land Commission (NLC) for the delay in implementation of the Sh. 10 million World Bank Funded Lower Nzoia flood project.
Speaking to the press in Busia on Wednesday, Wanjala said that the Synohydro contracting Company has been on the site since January to kick start the project, but they are not able to move because NLC has not done its part.
“This project was supposed to take three years with the completion due in 2021 but Synohydro contracting company has not done anything to date,” he said.
He added that NLC was supposed to survey and value the parcels of land earmarked for the project so that the owners can be compensated.
“They are now in the process of negotiating compensation with the parcel owners and we want to urge them to speed up their work,” he said.
The MP thanked World Bank for initiating the construction of dykes but suggested that draining the rivers and streams should have been prioritized.
“Dykes must be supported by streamlining the rivers so that they do not break their banks,” he said adding that the move will ensure smooth flow of water into Lake Victoria.
Wanjala further argued that construction of dykes without desiltation will only displace people by creating more room for flooding.
He also expressed concern at the rising trend of teenage pregnancies in Budalangi constituency.
He pointed out that a daughter to an Assistant Chief at Busagwa Primary School had been impregnated yet the father had not taken any action.
“The assistant chief has neither arrested nor reported the case to the police,” he said adding that six pupils from the same school had been impregnated.
Wanjala urged Busia County Director of Children’s Services to take action against such parents who have failed to report defilement cases.
“If they fail to report the cases by tomorrow, I will initiate a court case against both the parents and head teachers for concealing crime,” he said.
By Salome Alwanda

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