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Parents warned against buying exams papers

Director of Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) Dr. Julius Jwan has warned parents against buying purportedly leaked exams papers for their children.
Dr. Jwan reiterated that the current system of exams does not allow leakage and thus called on parents to desist from purchasing fake papers.
“The fidelity of exams papers is assured. The Ministry of Education has ensured that the papers are tightly sealed and having access to them is out of question,” he said.
He noted that the circulation of fake papers has been a worry to the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) and the Ministry of Education at large.
The Director said this in Homa Bay Town Monday when he witnessed the opening of exams containers at the County Commissioners’ office, where he said school principals have been put on notice against opening examination package seals prior to the exams.
According to the KICD director, school-heads who would be found engaging in exams malpractice would be arrested and charged in court.
“We don’t want our principals to behave in a manner that can portray them as those who do not want to adhere to the regulations governing the exams,” said Jwan.
He defended government’s decision to deploy security official in exams centers saying their duty was to guard against exams cheating.
He used the opportunity to announce the new rules put in place to reduce exams cheating which included manning of school gates which were not supposed to be closed during the exams season.
“This will allow easy supervision of exams by education officials. There have been instances where keys to schools get lost. Supervisors are sometimes left wondering what goes on in exams centers,” said Jwan.

By Maureen Bosibosi/Davis Langat

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