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Police alarmed by spike in suicide cases in Bondo

The public in Bondo Sub County have been advised to seek for support and counseling from other members of the community whenever they have personal problems instead of resorting to suicide.

According to Bondo Sub County Police Commander, Anthony Wafula, police have reported a rise in suicide cases in the region over the past few months.

Speaking in his office in Bondo, Wafula revealed that several cases of suicide have been reported with the latest three cases being reported in Uhanya, Nyamonye and Honge centers.

He also confirmed that in a month they register about seven cases of suicide which is a high number that should be curbed.

Mr. Wafula observed that most of the suicide cases reported involve issues that could be resolved by people around the victims if the problems were shared.

He said that the leading causes of suicide in the region are marital problems, land and lifestyle related stress.

The police boss asked the locals to help reduce the rates at which people commit suicide by finding a better solution to their problems other than taking their own lives.

“We should take advantage of NGO offering counseling services as well as elders in the community, including church leaders to help us solve our issues instead of opting for suicide,” said Wafula.

Mr. Wafula said deaths along Lake Victoria beaches within Bondo Sub County have risen as fishermen drown while conducting their daily duties at the beach.

He attributed most drowning by fishermen to alcohol consumption by the fishermen before they venture into the lake.

Wafula revealed that a man recently drowned at Honge beach while fishing. He said that investigations conducted revealed that the man was drunk when he drowned.

By Brian Ondeng and Mary Oswero


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