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Police gun down three armed gangsters

Police in Ruiru on Monday gunned down three armed gangsters and recovered a loaded AK47 riffle after a botched robbery attempt at a Ruiru cosmetic go-down flopped.

According to the Kiambu County Commander, Adiel Njage Nyange, police were alerted by the MD, Nice and Lovely Company that there was an on-going theft at the factory, after he noticed the raid on his CCTV Camera at around 4.00am.

Police acted immediately and were able to find the robbery as it unveiled.

He said that the gangsters had managed to access the Go-down after disabling the electric fence, and tying the night guards, before they started loading cosmetic products worth millions of shillings into the factory trucks.

“There were four thugs inside the company’s premise, while three others were keeping check outside the company’s gate. Immediately after police arrived, the robbers started shooting at police,” said Nyange.

Police say the three who were killed they disobeyed orders to surrender after being cornered and a shootout ensued. One of the robbers was apprehended

Nyange said that some of the gangsters managed to escape with the loot that had already been loaded into a Company’s truck, but police were following a key lead to the raid and are optimistic of making an arrest before the end of the day.

The morning incident happened hardly three months after robbers using similar tricks raided the same company, going away with goods and three trucks which have so far not been recovered.

Nyange warned criminals that Kiambu was a no-go zone for any kind of crime, adding that the officers were alert and ready to deal with any invasion.   “You cannot commit any kind of crime and escape within Kiambu, we dare you to try anything. We are set and ready to deal with you with the force it deserves” warned the crime buster.

By Lucy Wangai


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