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Politicians told not to use church to create divisions

Political leaders have been asked to use houses of worship to preach peace and reconciliation but not as arena to spread disunity and insults.

Bishop of Mount Kenya central ACK Diocese Rev Timothy Gichere has condemned current political wave where some leaders are using church podium to insult their rivals.

Gichere during a press conference at Saint James cathedral in Murang’a town on Monday said political leaders are welcomed to worship with other Christians but should use the church to champion for peace and unity.

The bishop asked Christians to hint to sentiments which are of their benefit and which will uplift the teaching of God.

“The political season experienced in the country is not new but demands sobriety of all Christians as they seek to praise God either through asking for special services like thanksgivings,” he noted.

The diocese he said has directed all local Christians to continually observe the highest honour to church in all their ways and expression to worship God.

“It’s our plea and prayer that Christians and politicians will not take the church podium to wrong and politically castigate each other. Christians should hold highest level of patience even under provocation of politicians,” he added.

He said members of congregation in the diocese have guided its leaders including parish priests to take up the role of guiding all Christians towards creating harmony and forbearance other than divisions.

“An emotive issue both in church and political space should be handled with all wisdom guided by the church statute,” he further said.

The Bishop’s sentiments come at a time politicians have been trooping in churches where they castigate their rivals at the podium.

Two political factions associated with Jubilee party leaders namely Kieleweke and Tanga tanga have been insulting each other during church services.

The Bishop asked all visiting leaders to give respect to areas of worship urging Christians not to be provoked by politicians’ sentiments .

His sentiment were echoed by Ahadi Kenya Trust Director Dr. Stanley Kamau who said politicians from outside have been using Murang’a county as battle ground.

He lauded Murang’a leaders who have absconded engaging in ongoing 2022 politics saying it’s too early to put the country into election mood.

“The leaders who want to accuse their counterparts should call for political rallies and keep off from using churches to spread hatred and divisions among residents,” added the Anti-jigger campaigner.

He challenged leaders to give development agenda priority and stop dividing Kenyans on political lines.

By Bernard Munyao


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