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Posta launches Big Four Agenda commemorative stamps

Posta Corporation Kenya has launched Big Four Agenda commemorative stamps, with the images of the four pillars of government development program, launched by President Uhuru in December 2017.


According to ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru the images of the Big Four Agenda will effectively communicate the government development programme and create awareness among citizens, thereby marshaling the needed support for the implementation of the plan.


“The stamp depicts our country’s national roadmap to prosperity and industrial development,” Mucheru said in a statement read on his behalf by the Information Secretary Judy Munyinyi.


The president launched the development agenda on December 2017,  with the key objective of transforming standards of living among citizens and place the country on the path of becoming an upper middle income nation by 2030. The program aims at spurring social economic development that will grow employment and create wealth.


The four pillars are manufacturing, affordable housing, the universal health coverage and food security.


Mucheru added that Posta Kenya remains the most accessible, effective and time tested communication platform in Kenya with vast network and valid product portfolio that greatly benefits the country.


Posta plays a pivotal role in extending social economic benefits to Kenyans.  “The implementers of the Big Four Agenda can leverage of Postal expansive and trusted network to move their services and their products,” the CS added.


Mucheru further said Posta has an opportunity to enhance its business performance portfolio by engineering innovations and placing customers at the center of their services, because it’s the only way of surviving the stiff competition in the industry.


The Posta Corporation Kenya Chairman Nicholas Salat said their staff has lost morale and he asked the parent ministry to assist the board in putting in place mechanisms that will ensure workers motivation.


“We need to motivate and give incentives to our staff so that we can attain productivity levels that we expect from them,” he added.

By Rahab Wanjiru and Gworo Alice


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