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Provide insurance to flood victims – Ahadi Kenya Trust

The national government has been requested to consider providing an insurance cover for people living in floods and landslide prone areas.
Ahadi Kenya Trust Executive Director Dr. Stanley Kamau noted that victims of floods and landslides in many cases end up losing all their property and left languishing in poverty.
Speaking when he visited victims of landslides at Gitugi area in Murang’a County, Kamau said as the government provides insurance cover to pastoralists on their livestock, a similar scheme should be established to support people who lose their land and other property in floods and landslides.
“Giving food stuffs and handouts to victims of landslides and floods cannot help them much since some of the people have totally lost all their land and other property through landslides. There is need to get a lasting solution to ensure the victims are resettled,” added the anti-jigger campaigner.
In Murang’a more than 80 families from various parts of the county have been displaced after their areas were struck by landslides and mudslides.
Last Saturday, four family members died at Kahatia area after their house was destroyed by landslides, leaving scores of families relocated to safer areas.
In Gitugi within Mathioya Sub County, 47 families are currently hosted at Mutito Youth Polytechnic after their area experienced mudslides in which an elderly man was killed.
Kamau said the affected families have no choice but to relocate to safer places to live, saying both their homes and land were destroyed by landslides.
“Areas where the landslides occurred are already reduced to gullies and no one can dwell there, that’s why I am appealing for the establishment of insurance cover for the victims so as to enable them get another land to live,” he added.
Kamau, who also facilitated the victims to be registered in NHIF scheme, suggested the reduction of the minimum monthly contribution saying many rural families face challenges to raise the needed monthly contribution of Sh. 500.
He added that his organization will facilitate registration of 150 families who have been affected by landslides from the county.
During the occasion, Kamau donated food stuffs and clothing to the victims, and called upon more well-wishers to come out and support the displaced families.
Speaking elsewhere, Murang’a county commissioner Mr. John Elung’ata said his office in partnership with Kiharu CDF will facilitate burial for the landslide victims.
Elung’ata said the four family members will be buried on Wednesday next week saying preparations are on course to identify where the victims will be laid to rest after their land was totally destroyed by the landslides.
“We are thinking of making deep graves at the place where their houses stood and go on with the burial if we will not get another better area,” Elung’at told KNA through the phone.
He noted that families who live in areas prone to landslides have been evacuated, and appealed to relatives to integrate the affected people until the rains subside.
“I appeal to all residents to be on the lookout as many parts continued to receive rains and some areas have also developed earth cracks which can trigger landslides. The county Security team is ready to give assistance to the affected persons,” he added.
By Bernard Munyao

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