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Railway retirees threaten to sue over pension

More than 800 Kenya Railways pensioners from Siaya have threatened to sue the parastatal’s pension scheme managers for failure to release their monthly pensions.

The retirees, led by the Chairman of the Siaya branch of the Kenya Railways Pensioners Association, Richard Ongoma Osur lamented that they have not received their pensions for the last five months.

Speaking to the media in Siaya town, the pensioners accused those tasked with managing their pensions of lethargy and reneging on a promise made during the annual general meeting of the association that the arrears will be settled by the end of last year.

They said that they will have no alternative but to move to court to force the management to release their monthly dues plus accrued interest should the pension not be released on time.

The Branch treasurer, Lucas Otieno Okumu and a member, Benard Wamango Ondif lamented that they had been rendered destitute despite the fact that Kenya Railways was one of the richest parastatals.

“We cannot feed or cloth ourselves. Neither can we afford to pay for health care despite our advancing ages,” said Okumu.

Ondif said it was unfortunate that those tasked with running the Kenya Railways Pension Scheme are enriching themselves at the expense of the retirees who are left wallowing in poverty.

By  Philip  Onyango

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