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Residents call for help to secure church-owned school land title

Kigumo Primary School in Murang’a County that was built almost 50 years ago. The school is at the center of land ownership tussle, after a section of residents who gave out their land for its construction in 1966, started reclaiming their land. Photo by Muoki Charles/KNA.
A document showing some of the village plot givers who willfully gave out their plots in 1966 to have the Kigumo Primary School in Murang’a County constructed. Photo by Muoki Charles/ KNA.

Parents of a church-owned primary school in Kigumo market, Murang’a County have called on the government to help in securing a title deed to a 12-acre piece of land where it is built, to ward off grabbers.

This comes after a section of residents who donated their plots for the construction of Kigumo primary school almost 50 years ago, according to the school management, parents and documents seen, began claiming their land back.

The  school that is run by the African Christian Churches and schools was built in 1969 and ever since has grown and now accommodates close to 500 pupils.

Its  administrators led by Church’s Education Secretary, Rev. Samuel Karanja said the title deed if acquired would secure the school and keep away the donor families from claiming their land back.

Speaking to the press at the school compound on Wednesday, Karanja said they have been in the process of transferring the ownership of the plots to the church, but there have been a few hurdles.

“There is a written agreement between those who gave out the land, parents and the church which is well documented. The school was to be constructed to pave way for the then Kigumo Bendera School to be elevated to a secondary school. Since then, we have not have had any tussle over the land. We wonder why it has arisen now,” Karanja said.

A  former Senior Chief in the area, Stephen Karanja said problems began last year after a son to one of those who gave out his plots produced a title deed to reclaim their four plots.

“This came as a shock since the land was given out whole heartedly for a worthy cause. The land he claims stands in the middle of the school and if we are ordered to give it back, it may affect many infrastructures at the school,” he said.

Other parents led by Meshach Kimani, a member of the school’s board of management called on the government to help in consolidating all the plots to one title deed and give it to the school.

They called on the area national government officers to move with speed to implement the government’s directive to revoke title deeds of grabbed land belonging to church owned schools.

“We depend on this school for the education of our children and future generations. Where will our children go when those who gave out their land willfully revert to asking it back?” posed Lucy Wairimu, a parent.

By  Muoki  Charles

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