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Residents displaced once again

The effect of the spillage from Kindaruma dam that feeds into the seven forks dams is now being felt downstream river Tana.

Several people have been displaced once more with homes and farms being marooned. The floods build up has been going for the past 4 days and is now threatening livelihoods.

The most affected areas include Bulla Sheikh, Komor, Bulla Iftin in Garissa County while in neighbouring Tana River County, Mororo is the worst hit. During April’s floods, over 2,000 families were displaced.

Those displaced have been forced to seek refuge in schools, temporary shelters or put up with relatives in Garissa town or Madogo.

The stagnant water is now posing a health risk to the residents in the affected areas with possible outbreak of water borne diseases looming high.

Energy CS Charles Keter issued a warning about 2 weeks ago that the spillage of Masinga Dam will cause massive flooding downstream river Tana but some residents in Garissa ignored it because the rains had subsided in the area.

“This is double tragedy. Last time all my valuables including utensils were washed away but when I was settling down again and picking up pieces this has happened again,” Hassan Abdi a resident of Bulla Sheikh said.

“I have incurred huge expenses since floods started and the government seems uncaring and senseless as it seems it’s not in a position to protect us from this kind of tragedy,” he added.

Abdi said he has relocated his family to other parts of the town leaving behind his house which was now submerged and water levels have risen to the window height.

According to Kenya Red cross’s County Coordinator Ms. Tusmo Ogle, the organization is contemplating taking floods victims to general Mohamud Idd ground since schools are opened and they don’t want to disrupt learning.

Ogel said Red Cross officials and staff have been going round affected areas to urge the residents to move to safer grounds.

By Jacob Songok

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