Residents of Narosura Ward Get Solar Energy.

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The World Vision in collaboration with the Panasonic Electronic manufacturer  have launched an off-grid solar solutions project worth Sh. 20 million in Narosura ward, Narok South Sub County.

Speaking during the launch, World Vission Kenya National Director  Mr. Francois Batalingaya said the  project will bring solar powered electricity to the area that is not connected to the National power grid.

Panasonic Corporation General Manager Ms. Rika Fukuda (Right) open a off-grid solar solution in Narosura area.

He said the project will specifically benefit Ilkimati Primary School and Enkutoto dispensary where each has received a solar power supply station, lighting equipment and solar storage devices.

In addition, Mr. Batalingaya said Panasonic had donated solar lanterns to 150 households in the community to improve the well-being of children and communities in the remote area.

“To enhance the sustainability of the project, the beneficiaries will be trained on basic knowledge of electricity and the maintenance of the equipment,” he said.

The director  said  they will continue supporting the community to run income-generating activities such as poultry farming and school gardening that will be fully equipped with solar powered drip irrigation kits.

“We will also initiate reading camps to make use of the solar lighting system in a bid to improve literacy competencies for both children and adults. The availability of electricity will enable people to extend their working hours thus increasing family incomes,” he said.

Moreover, the director observed the solar lanterns as alternatives to the kerosene ones will improve the health status of the community by shielding them from indoor air pollution.

Panasonic Corporation General Manager Ms. Rika Fukuda said electricity plays a major role in opening the doors of opportunity and development for every nation’s citizens.

“Electricity increases social economic development, creates employment opportunities, supports proper functioning of health facilities and can offer families and communities suitable environments to thrive,” said Ms. Fukuda.

Fukuda observed solar energy is one of the cleanest and sustainable energy solutions available globally, making the off-grid solar solutions project an exciting journey of possibilities for community.

“This project will contribute towards realization of Sustainable Development Goals by contributing towards ending poverty, achieving food security, promoting health lifestyles and well being for all ages and ensuring provision of quality education and promoting lifelong learning for all children,” reiterated Ms. Fukuda.

Saitoti Ole Kutundo, a resident of Narosura said the project was a sigh of relief to the locals who have never used electricity in their lifetime.

Kutundo who was born and raised up in Narosura area said with the new source of lighting, they were optimistic that the performance of National Examination this year would be better than the previous years.

“Provision of lighting services at the community level will also improve security and safety in the community because of the street lighting; we are grateful to the world vision and Panasonic for their support,” said Ole Kutundo.

By Ann Salaton

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