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Residents of Njoro village threaten to kill, eat baboons

Hundreds of farmers in Njoro village, Taveta Sub County have threatened to kill dozens of baboons that have been terrorizing them for the last one month.

The residents claimed that the baboons were translocated from Manyani area in Tsavo East National Park some weeks ago and dumped at the forest near Njoro Springs in Taveta Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).

Speaking to KNA  on Wednesday, a farmer, Joel Ndeseria, said the baboons estimated to be over three hundred have been wreaking havoc on their farms.

He added that the apes had been killing their animals particularly chicken and goats. “Lately, we have lost over fifteen goats and several chicken to the baboons. We have suffered huge losses and if KWS officers do not act, we will take action to protect our property,” Ndeseria warned.

The  baboons were said to be so aggressive that they have displaced the native baboons from Njoro area and pushed them further into the Njoro forest. Locals says the new baboons were grey-coloured while those native to Njoro are roan.

“We knows our baboons. We have lived with them all our lives. These new ones are evil and were brought here to terrorise us,” he said.

Francis  Matano  said farms have been rendered bare by the primates and they were worried about their food security.

Another  farmer, Ms. Anna  Paulo said women had forbidden their young children from playing unattended for fear they would be attacked by the baboons.

“If they can kill a goat, what would prevent them from hurting a small child? We can’t take that risk,” she said.

“We are also scared to tend to our farms unless in the company of our spouses,” she added.

Unconfirmed reports indicated that on Tuesday night, three male baboons were killed at the village and eaten by the villagers.

Efforts to get a comment from KWS offices were unsuccessful.

By  Caroline  Mghoi

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