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Residents Warned Against Burning Bushes Near Kakamega Forest

The County Ecosystem Conservator J. K. Rono has appealed to the locals bordering the Kakamega forest to avoid burning bushes as they prepare land for the planting season.

Mr. Rono explained that the fire from the bushes may spread to the forest and the impact would be disastrous.

The officer observed that the participatory management approach they have employed has made the local community to feel as part and parcel of the forest ecosystem, thereby protecting it.

He also stated that they have put off tree planting activities in the forest until the onset of rains.

The conservator noted that they intend to plant over 16 million seedlings in the western region this season.

Out of this, 100 hectares of indigenous trees species will be established in Kakamega and Mt. Elgon forest reserves.

He pointed out that in collaboration with the police, they have reinforced the ban on logging in the ecosystem.

By Sammy Mwibanda

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