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Row Over Kitale Railway Land Erupts

Truck drivers in Kitale Town have raised alarm over a private developer whom they accuse of planning to grab part of the Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) land parcel where they have been operating from.

Speaking in Kitale  on Saturday, the truck operators said that a group of people dug holes at night to erect a fence around the parcel of land without giving notice on who is doing so and whether the person bought the land.

They said that they have been operating from the place for more than 25 years and have been paying Sh 200 monthly fees per truck to the KRC.

They leased the space to use for selling building and construction materials such as sand and concrete.

The operators noted that if they are evicted, more than 300 people will suffer since they have been depending on the space to do their businesses in order to fend for their families.

Among those to be affected are youth employed to scoop sand onto the trucks, truck drivers among others.

They asked the person who is fencing the place to provide a document showing he/she has bought the parcel and show them an alternative place where they can operate from.

They also urged the person to give a notice of vacating to those who are operating from the place if he has genuinely bought the land from KRC.

They vowed to resist any attempts of a person grabbing land belonging to KRC which they were given legally to do their businesses.

By Moses Wekesa



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