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Section of church opposes referendum talks

A section of the church has opposed calls for the amendment of the constitution, saying it is not the right time to put the country to another campaign mood.

Deliverance Church of Kenya Bishop, Mark Kariuki said the country should be allowed to heal after coming from a polarized electioneering period, and thus referendum calls were only destabilizing the country further.

The General overseer of the Deliverance Churches of Kenya said they will not support such calls and called on those leaders advocating for a referendum to stop splitting the country further.

Speaking in Embu town Saturday , Bishop Kariuki said the country was facing several challenges and leaders should instead address them rather than amending the constitution.

He said the ongoing referendum talks have already split a section of the country and allowing it to go on would divide it further. “We have just come from a difficult and prolonged electioneering period that polarized the country. Our leaders should focus on having a united nation rather than splitting it further through referendum calls,” he said.

The Bishop called on Kenyans to ignore the referendum talks but demand for development from their leaders, saying the leaders were hiding behind referendum talks due to failure to deliver on their pledges.

He also called on other leaders to emulate President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga on their resolve to unite the country, saying the nation could not afford further splits caused by leaders who want to further their interests. “Talks should go around improving the country’s economy and empowering the citizens. Constitutional change should be effected when the country is ready, but not now,” he said.

By Muoki Charles

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