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Siaya County Gov’t Urged to Kick out Ghost Workers

County Government of Siaya has been challenged to clean up its payroll by flashing out ghost workers who consume huge chunks of money thus stifling development in the County.

Siaya Township MCA Mr. James Obiero Otare regretted the county spends more than 70 percent of its allocations on salary, yet some of employees are nonexistent or have no tasks to perform leaving behind only 30 percent of its revenue for development.

Otare who spoke in South Sakwa Bondo Sub County asked when the common man will realize the fruits of devolution that was initiated to roll out development projects near to them.

The assembly member on the other had allayed fear that money allocated to wards will be reduced from Sh 35 Million to Sh 10 million annually.

He said that the assembly recently passed a law that will compel the executive to allocate not less than 35 per cent of development allocation to all the thirty wards in the county.

Otare said that MCAs will not tire until they see to it that the public get service and will not be used to take selfish people to power.

Otare who was elected on an independent ticket at the county headquarter ward, faulted the 2019/2020 Siaya County proposed budget, terming it bogus and not fit for the public.

He warned the executive wing of the county to stop taking wananchi for a ride and allocate adequate resources to flagship projects that will change their lives.

By Brian Ondeng’


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