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State Officers Told to Attend Fete  

Government heads of department in Imenti North sub-county have been asked to mobilize their staff to attend this year’s Madaraka day celebrations at Kinoru stadium.

In a letter to all departments in the sub-county, Deputy County Commissioner, Isaac Masinde stated that government employees had no excuses not to attend national days’ celebrations.

“Attending such events should be considered a compulsory responsibility of all officers with the heads of department taking the lead to ensure the turnout was as expected,” Masinde said.

Masinde said anybody opting to ignore national days’ celebrations was doing so at their own risk, saying such officers were only showing how far they were from being patriotic and loyal to their employer.

He further urged heads of departments and their staff to make a deliberate effort of arriving at the venue early enough, as a sign of respecting the government and creating a good image in the mind of the public.


By Makaa Margaret

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