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Statistics office relocates to County Headquarters.

Managers of data for various organizations in Kiambu have now been assured of prompt service following the opening of a statistics office in Kiambu town.

The statistics office re-located from Thika where they operated for years and has now opened  its doors to the public on Bishop Magua building within Kiambu town and users of data will not have to worry about traveling a distance in search of the service.

Kiambu county statistical officer Mr. Lewis Ngari assured organizations both public and private that they could access any data they required at the press of the button.

Residents of Kiambu will participate in celebrations to mark the African Statistics Day at the community hall.

They have been called upon to attend in large numbers so as to acquaint themselves on the ways in which data is captured, stored and can be retrieved and used for posterity.

Mr. Ngari said it was important for all organizations to have access to high-quality statistics as the practice supported transparency, good governance and inclusive development in the region.

“In the recent years, tools developed by the statistical community have made it possible to provide decision makers with reliable statistics” he said.

The officer noted that such statistics assist in formulating evidence based decisions on good governance, inclusive development and transparency which he said helped in improving the management of institutions and eliminated corruption.

Mr. Ngari observed that by establishing comprehensive frameworks to monitor all flows of economic, social and environmental statistics, official statistics can track and stop the illicit financial flows that fuel corruption therefore the need to embrace the system for an improved society that citizens can have pride in.

During the meeting, members called on the input of the media in disseminating statistical information on environmental and social economic development.

They also observed that the media by virtue of its status of being the fourth estate plays a crucial role in linking data producers and users as it promotes data transparency and supports good governance which will lead to inclusive development.

Chairing the meeting on behalf of the deputy county commissioner Mr. Festus Kimeu an assistant county commissioner called on all departmental heads to attend and be conversant with best management practices.

He said it was important to have reliable data from all institutions so that when it was required, it could be accessed easily without engaging many people as it would also be expensive.

The national event will be celebrated at the Kenyatta International conference centre in Nairobi County.

By Lydia Shiroya


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