Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Stop meting violence on women 

Kisumu nominated Senator Rose Nyamunga has joined other leaders in condemning violence meted on Wajir Woman representative Fatuma Gedi.


Nyamunga said such a show is outdated and that women leaders will continue to compete on ideas and not physical strength.


This comes after Wajir MP Rashid Amin allegedly punched Gedi because she could not influence the budget committee to allocate money for his constituency.


She said women should be respected and their crucial role in improving people’s lives through initiating viable development projects should be appreciated.


“We refuse to be taken for granted by our male counterparts. If they want to fight, let them join the boxing ring and meet their equals,” said Nyamunga.


Nyamunga was speaking over the weekend in Awasi, Nyando Sub County during distribution of gas cylinders to rural women.


She added that it was unfortunate that the leader fought his counterpart in Parliament instead of having a meaningful discussion on the matter.


“Parliament is where we make laws and debate over ideas. It’s unfortunate that others have taken it as a boxing ring,” she added.


By John Ochanda   



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