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Stray Hyena Killed in Kajiado

A resident of Olkeri ward in Kajiado County  killed a stray hyena which they claimed had terrorized the residents  for days leaving scores hospitalized with multiple injuries.

According to the Kajiado North Deputy County Commissioner Tom Anjere, the resident killed the hyena after it strayed into a house in Karen area where at least  two people sustained injuries during the confrontation.

Anjere told Kenya News Agency in Ngong  that Kenya Wildlife Service personnel were notified by the local chief and that his office helped relocate the casualties  to  Ngong Sub County Hospital.

Kajiado North Deputy County Commissioner Tom Anjere addressing a past public forum in Ngong. Photo by Nelly Kosgey/KNA

“For now there is no cause for alarm since KWS officials have confirmed that the dangerous hyena that has been terrorizing the residents crossing Oloolua forest road in Olkeri Ward is dead,” reiterated Anjere.

However, he noted that KWS personnel had intensified patrols along Oloolua forest road to tame stray wild animals to avoid human wildlife conflicts and ensure that those roaming the area were trapped and relocated to Nairobi National Park.

The DCC also cautioned parents from leaving their children to walk alone very early in the morning to school, but instead accompany the children crossing the forest and keep them always walk with others.

He said walking as a group in the forest will boost safety of the residents and the students who are commuting on foot on daily basis to Olkeri Secondary school.

The Security boss said the victims who have been injured by the hyena will be accorded medical services they require in all Government facilities as they wait the process of KWS compensations which normally takes longer.

“We shall ensure all the victims who have suffered multiple injuries due to the stray hyena attacks do not continue to suffer but get medication first.

He also admitted that the Standard Gauge Railway Corridor that is passing through parts of Oloolua Forest has caused human-wildlife conflicts in the area, a security challenge that is expected to last for several months.

“Before the wild animals find an alternative ecosystem the human-wildlife challenge along Oloolua forest will last for some period of time,” he said.

“When the wild animals are disturbed in their natural habitat they will find another place and this will take time,” he reiterated.

On Monday this week, a form two student of Olkeri Day Secondary School was attacked and seriously injured by a hyena while she was walking to school through Oloolua Forest road.

Another night guard was also attacked on Tuesday morning and  sustained serious injuries on the hands.

By Nelly Kosgey.

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