Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Take meetings seriously, County Commissioner warns departmental heads

Kitui County Commissioner Samuel Kimiti has directed heads of national government departments to be availing themselves during crucial meetings held to take stock of government programs at the county level.
Kimiti said delegating attendance to deputies or any other junior officers will only be allowed under exceptional circumstances such as when an officer is on leave, sick or attending another official calling of a more or similar magnitude.
Speaking to heads of departments Tuesday, the official said national government fora afford an opportunity for officers manning different departments to take stock, share ideas and give impetus to the implementation of government policies and programs.
He said attendance for the monthly National Government Service Delivery meetings were not a matter of choice but a must for every head of department.
“We are supposed to hold twelve such meetings annually. Attendance is not optional as such meetings are part of our performance contracts,” emphasized the County Commissioner.
Kimiti told the heads of department that they should also as a matter of official responsibility form the habit of attending national days’ events.
He expressed concerns that some heads often did not attend national celebrations leaving the events to appear like Ministry of Interior affair.
By Kiamah Wamutitu

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