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Tenants shock as they stumble on dead man in commercial building

A middle aged man fell to his death from a commercial building in Nakuru town as he allegedly tried to access it in a botched robbery attempt.


The man, who could not immediately be identified, is suspected to have gained access through the top of the building, but fell from 5th floor to the 1st floor of the building.


The scene was splattered with blood indicating the impact of the fall that resulted in an instant death.


According to the building’s caretaker Dennis Muoki, he came across the disturbing scene as he opened the building in the morning for the tenants.


He said that he was shocked to find the lifeless body of the man whom he could not identify, upon which he called in the security guards who man the building.


Tenants who caught a glimpse of the man said he was not one of them raising questions as to how he gained access into the building.


Police officers sealed off the building as they embarked on investigations before moving the body to the Nakuru County mortuary for post mortem and identification.


Muoki told the press that he had locked up the building on Saturday evening after ensuring everyone had left the building.


By Jane Ngugi and Samuel Njoroge 

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