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Thika MP roots for scrapping of counties

Thika MP Patrick Wainaina wants all the 47 counties scrapped and replaced with 14 regional governments comprising of powerful Commissioners to oversee development and governance of the devolved

He further said that nomination of MPs, Senators and MCAs should also be abolished to curb the rising wage bill and extravagant spending by the county governments.

Engineer Wainaina, who was speaking at Gatuanyaga in Thika East Sub-County during the funeral of Fredrick Ngugi who was a brother to
Kiambu Town MP Jude Njomo said that he will support a referendum that will change the constitution to scrap the County Governments.

He called on Kenyans to participate in a referendum on Constitutional review and actively participate in deciding the way the Country should be ran so as to curb wastage and reduce the bloated wage bill

He proposed for a Presidential system as opposed to the current Parliamentary system with a powerful President with two deputies and a vibrant opposition leader with two deputies and a shadow cabinet.

Wainaina   pointed out that the Parliamentary system in Kenya was unworkable citing incidences where parliamentarians have in the recent past been accused of being bribed.

It will also not be prudent to establish the office of a Prime Minister as it will mean there would be two centers of power and definitely it would not augur well for development

The Thika legislator accused counties leadership of collapsing the devolved system of governance which he noted if had been properly implemented would have positively impacted on the people.

He said that most of the devolved funds end up paying salaries and the reminder goes into people’s pockets leaving nothing for development and that’s why there is a lot of hue and cry on management of Hospitals and rural access roads

The Kikuyu legislator Jude Njomo asked  residents to remain vigilant on matters security, noting that judging from the recent terror attack at the Riverside hotel  Nairobi attackers were from local villages and not foreigners as would have been  presumed.

By Tabitha Wangari


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