Three kidnapped boys found

Bungoma Counties

Three 14 year old boys who were kidnapped on Sunday at Elburgon have been found.


According to one of the parents to the boys,  Mary Kinuthia, they have had sleepless nights ever since these children went missing at Elburgon town where they had gone to watch a soccer match.


Kinuthia said that they endlessly searched for the boys and were glad that they were found alive and well.


Narrating the ordeal, one of the boys said that while at the field, a male occupant from a vehicle halted and called one of them inquiring for a direction to a local secondary school.


The boy who was pointed at resisted the request and he decided to move closer in the company of two other boys.


They told the male and female occupant of the vehicle that they knew where the school was located and were told to get into the vehicle.


The vehicle occupants assured the boys that they would return them at the same point they picked them but to their surprise, at Elburgon town, they were sandwiched by two other men and drugged until they could not tell what happened after that.


The boys say that they found themselves in a thick forest wrapped in a blanket and after several phone calls, they were instructed by the kidnappers to leave.


They ran for their dear lives and were picked by a Good Samaritan who dropped them at Nakuru town rom where they found their way back home in Elburgon.


Area Assistant Chief Steve Mwangi was unavailable for comments.


By Emily Kadzo 

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