Tough Rules for Kajiado property owners

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Security agencies in Kajiado will launch impromptu raids in residential areas, hotels and other properties in a bid to keep away suspected criminals.

In this regard, Kajiado landlords and hoteliers have been called to keep proper detailed records for all their tenants and guests respectively in a bid to tighten the country’s economy.

Kajiado North Sub County Deputy County Commissioner Tom Anjere has called on the landlords and property managers to maintain a clear register of the tenants living in their residential houses.

Anjere said the tough measure is the only remedy to ensure “we do not harbor criminals within our Country since they will not have anywhere to live in.”

“It is not going to be business as usual since we have to maintain security at all cost in our region,” said Anjere.

“We shall be conducting frequent raids at the property management agencies offices, the residential apartments, lodgings and guest houses and everywhere else we feel it should be done,” he added.

“We are calling on every Kenyan to embrace patriotism that makes one to put the interest of the country and the citizens first,” Anjere said, adding, “when it comes to security challenge every investor must know that the safety of our Country takes precedence of all other material gains.”

Speaking at a public forum in Ngong, the deputy county commissioner maintained that the chiefs must organize weekly barazas with the residents in their areas of jurisdiction in order to enhance security.

He said the resurgence of terrorists attack on Kenyan soil calls for full participation of the residents to know themselves and whoever is living amongst them at all times.

He reiterated that to make landlords and property management agencies to adhere to the regulation, security officers will sensitize property owners to keep proper records and that can be made easily accessible when need arises.

Anjere also urged members of the public to always volunteer information that is useful to the police at all times in order to get rid of criminals in the region.

He said the importance of Nyumba kumi initiative cannot be overemphasized, since Kenyans themselves have known how important it was to have details of their own neighbours.

The Sub County top security chief said parents must always keep contacts with their children whether they live in the country or outside to track their progress and know what they are doing.

“When you as a parent, cannot tell how your own child acquired wealth worth millions of shillings within a short while you will be held responsible to carry the cross for your own blood if they are found to be criminals,” he cautioned parents.

Charles Too, a property Manager in Ngong, Kajiado County told Kenya News Agency that many tenants may refuse to give detailed information to the property agencies for fear of compromising their privacy.

Too said the tough measures by the security agencies is welcomed in the industry in order to tame the insecurity that comes about by lack of scrutiny of detailed records given by the tenants.

“With proper guidelines in place for landlords and property agencies, it will be easier for the security team in this country to tract suspects and criminals within short period of time,” he noted.

He said the Nyumba Kumi Initiative must be reinforced even in the apartments by the tenants who live within and the landlord or caretaker must be held responsible incase the tenants are suspected criminals.

The directive comes barely a few days after Dusit hotel was allegedly attacked by terrorists that left over 20 people death and several others nursing injuries.

By Nelly Kosgey

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