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TukTuk operators in Mombasa oppose new county by-laws

Mombasa TukTuk operators’ spokesman Anwar Said Bujra. He said they oppose the rules meant to limit their operation zones.

TukTuk (three wheeler taxis) operators in Mombasa have expressed opposition to new county rules that seeks to limit their activities to different county zones.
The operators said the rules passed by the county assembly in the TukTuk operations rules 2018 will be detrimental to their work.
The new rules demand specific colours for each operational zones and business addresses of the owners of the TukTuk be printed on the side and also demands that drivers must wear uniforms.
The new regulations also require TukTuk drivers to display their photos in the cabs and always carry around their national ID cards.
The operational zones are Mvita, Changamwe, Jomvu, Likoni, Nyali and Kisauni where different colours would be painted to differentiate the TukTuks.
The mover of the county bill nominated MCA Mohamed Hatimy says the rules seek to end crime in the transport sector and improve road safety and security.
Led by Mr. Anwar Said Bujra the TukTuk operators said the new colour scheme will make their work difficult as it is likely to curtail their freedom to move from one part of Mombasa to the other.
Mr. Bujra said the county government should not come up with by-laws that would curtail their operations since they contribute a lot to the revenue.
He said TukTuk operators would fully comply with traffic rules and regulations but said they lack proper designated places to operate from yet they are often accused of creating nuisance on the roads.
He complained that the operators have to pay multiple levies to the county government yet they did not even have parking yards.
Bujra said Mombasa had a huge number of TukTuks that immensely contribute to the local economy and employ hundreds of young people.
The TukTuks are a popular means of transport in Mombasa because they are cheaper and can easily maneuver around the narrow roads of the coastal city.
By Hussein Abdullahi

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