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Turkana leaders now vow to resist capping of oil revenue

Turkana leaders have vowed to resist capping of the amount of revenue that the county will receive from oil proceeds.

This comes after the national government gave in to the leaders’ demand to allocate the county 30 percent of oil revenue after protracted arguments with the national government which had proposed to allocate 25 percent to the county with 20 percent being allocated to the county government and five percent to the local community.

The leaders who included, Governor Josphat Nanok, deputy governor, Peter Lotethiro, Senator Malachy Ekal, Turkana South MP, James Lomenen, Turkana East MP Mohammed Ali Lokiru and 11 Members of Turkana County Assembly, said they would not allow oil to be transported by road if they are not assured by the national government that the host community will get 10 percent while 20 left to the county government without capping.

While addressing residents the leaders told the national Assembly to consider the recent assurance by Deputy President, William Ruto when he graced Turkana Cultural and Tourism Festival in Lodwar on April 20 that host community will get 10 percent and County government 20 percent. They pointed out that the government should listen to its people as there is room for talks over capping clause.

Governor  Nanok said that the county has a capacity to absorb the funds from oil revenue share and resisted any attempts at capping the revenue going to the county.

He pointed out that as a Council of Governors they have a memoranda of the Petroleum bill which they will present to the National Assembly, the Senate and President.

“We will have a law to guide us how we will spend the funds meant for host community and county government through a trust fund. We will first of all ensure that our youth are educated and trained,” the county boss said.

Lomenen who is a member of the parliamentary committee on energy said the committee had proposed removal of the capping clause on oil revenue and appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to heed the advice.

“I want to tell Mr. Aden Duale that if his position as National Assembly Majority leader can only oppress Turkana residents by denying them their rightful share of oil proceeds in the proposed law then he is a leader of major problems and I will not recognise him,” he said.

Lokiru complained that his Turkana East Constituency has no tarmac road since independence, low literacy level because of few schools, and without properly equipped health facilities.

By  Peter  Gitonga

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