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Two Britons Arrested for Staying in the country illegally

Two British nationals have been arrested for staying in Kitale with expired visas.

The duo, David James Smith 33 and Daniel Richard Bradlin were arrested at Aturukan hotel where they had stayed for over a month with expired visas.

Speaking to KNA, Trans Nzoia County police commander Ayub Ali said details in their visa indicated they were to stay in Kenya for a month but they extended after the expiry of their visa.

He said they arrived in the country in March this year but after their stay period expired they never renewed their visa.

“The Britons instead continued to stay in the country despite the expiry of their visa,” he disclosed.

He said, frequent customers and workers at the facility became suspicious of the two who never went out of the hotel since they checked in.

He said they had booked a room where they were staying and enjoying themselves without any activity.

The county commander noted that according to the hotel management the foreigners were paying their bills fully.

He said they were having fun using hotel facilities during the period which drew suspicion.

Ali said the reason why they came to Kenya has not been known pointing out that they will be arraigned in court.

The arrests come soon after a workshop to develop action plan for prevention and countering violent extremism was held in Trans Nzoia this week.

The security team led by Trans Nzoia county commissioner Samson Ojwang’ asked residents to report any people whose activities they are suspicious of.

During the workshop which ended on Wednesday, the county commissioner said that the action plan will help stakeholders identify possible groups of people that could be targeted for terrorism.

“In the action plan, we also want to find out reasons that could lure individuals and different groups in Trans Nzoia to join outlawed groups,” he said.

The county commissioner said that terrorism is a threat to social economic and political development and should be fought by all means.

He asked residents to be vigilant and be conscious with everything going on around them adding that the vice has moved from traditional areas of Mombasa, Nairobi and North Eastern to other urban centers.

A team leader of National Counter-terrorism Centre (NCTC) Benson Ngeiywa said that at least nine counties have launched their action plans to prevent and counter terrorism.

He said that the NCTC was going around the country to help counties come up with strategies that will help the country put an end to terrorism.

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