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Two Maasai Mara Students Engaging in Weed Cake Business Arrested

Two students arrested while making weed cakes near Maasai Mara University on Saturday June 16, 2018. Photo by KNA.
The Narok Criminal Investigating Officer, Zachary Kariuki led police into raiding in a house where Maasai Mara University students make weed cakes to sell to their fellow students on Saturday June 16, 2018. Photo by KNA.

Police in Narok have arrested two Maasai Mara University Students for engaging in baking and selling to their fellow students’ cakes laced with weed.

The two aged 23 and 25 respectively were arrested in their single roomed house, few meters from the University’s Main Gate on Friday while baking “weed cakes” that they sell at Sh. 100 per piece.

The Narok Criminal Investigating Officer (CIO), Zachary Kariuki, said 56 pieces of ready weed cake were recovered.

“We got information from the members of the public and the University Security Team that there was something fishy happening in this particular house. We have been investigating for the last two weeks until today when we have arrested them,” he said.

Kariuki lamented that the cakes are laced with Cannabis sativa and when consumed one remains intoxicated for up to 12 hours.

The CIO  sent a strong warning to land lords whose premises are used for illegal businesses, saying they too risked being arrested and arraigned in court.

“In future we will also arrest landlords who do not monitor their premises to ensure their tenants are not engaging in illegal businesses. The house owners should be the first to inform the police of suspicious businesses within their compounds,” said Kariuki.

During the raid, the police also impounded a microwave that was used to bake the cakes and will be produced as exhibit when the two will be arraigned in court on Monday.

The  Maasai Mara Chief Security Officer, David Mwiruri said the arrest of the two students was a big plus to the fight against drug abuse which has been on the rise at the institution.

“We urge students to report any suspicious drug peddlers to the authority so that we can fight this illegal business together,” he said.

The arrest of the two students is a reflection of how university students engage in drug abuse at the expense of concentrating in their academics.

Last year, some teenagers as young as 16 years were caught on camera in Nairobi engaging in smoking weed in public and provoking the police to arrest them.

By  Ann  Salaton

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