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Two water companies to merge in Kilifi County

The Kilifi-Mariakani Water and Sewerage Company (KIMAWASCO) and Malindi Water and Sewerage Company (MAWASCO), are set to be merged to enhance water management in the County

Speaking during the MAWASCO 5th Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Malindi yesterday, the County Executive Committee member for water Mr. Kiringi Mwachitu said water stakeholders and residents are going to be involved before the new move is completed.


However, he said, “merging of the two water companies has nothing to do with water shortages in the county, adding that the continuous water problems are due to the bulk system at Baricho water station.”


He noted that merging of KIWASCO and MAWASCO would reduce unnecessary costs that the water companies have been experiencing.


“We found out that there are disparities in the tariffs the two companies have. The people of Malindi are paying different from the people of Kilifi and Mariakani who are within the same county and paying for the same commodity,” he stated.


Speaking at the same meeting, Mr. Philip Charo, a tourist stakeholder, said that merging the two companies will not be effective, adding that one company cannot serve all the big towns of the vast Kilifi County.


Mr. Charo said, “we want a proper survey to be conducted before a final decision of coming up with one water company is reached. Most of the towns in this county are tourists’ destinations and cannot afford to go without water.”


Mohammed Famau, a resident said that it is a good idea to merge the two water companies for it will help in restoring continuous water crisis in the County.


Famau said, “When we have one company, offsetting of water bills will be very easy and fast. We will therefore not experience acute water shortages reason being huge power bills.”


Mr. Famau’s statement was supported by Kibadi Kipanga, a resident of Malindi, who said that there had been disputes among the two companies which affected the supply of water to the people, adding that a solution will be realized when the companies are merged.


By James Mwalimu and Simon Guruba


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