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Ukambani Governors moot plans to form Economic Block

Governors, Charity Ngilu-Kitui County (centre), Prof. Kivutha Kibwana-Makueni County (left) and Dr. Alfred Mutua-Machakos County have mooted plans to form the South Eastern Kenya Economic Block. The leaders spoke in Kitui town on Tuesday November 20, 2018 after holding a consultative meeting. Photo by Yobesh Onwong’a/KNA.

Ukambani Governors have mooted plans to form the South Eastern Kenya Economic Block, aimed at alleviating poverty in the region.
Addressing the media in Kitui, the three Governors, Charity Ngilu (Kitui), Prof. Kivutha Kibwana (Makueni) and Dr. Alfred Mutua (Machakos) revealed that they discussed at length about the unity of the three counties in their South Eastern Kenya Economic Block (SEKEB).
The trio held a consultative meeting in the Office of Kitui Governor on Tuesday evening as they toured the newly opened Amenity Ward at Kitui County Referral Hospital and later the Garment Factory at Syongila.
Governor Ngilu stated emphatically that the purpose of the unity was to make sure that the people from Ukambani Region benefit from development that befits them.
Ngilu observed that majority of people from the region have continued to suffer from poverty because the leaders they elect fail to deliver as per the expectations of people since independence, a vice the three Governors are ready to fight.
Dr. Mutua affirmed that their unity was about working with all elected leaders in the region, County MCAs, MPs and Senators.
He said that the unity with all leaders will foster service delivery to the less privileged in the three counties.
Governor Prof. Kibwana reiterated that they will choose one representative who will champion the increment of funds to counties from the National Government.
The leaders revealed a plan for the people from Ukambani region to enjoy healthcare services from any health facility in the three counties.
“Our conversation today was centred on how to realize the fruits of devolution through the South Eastern Kenya Economic Block,” said Prof. Kibwana.
“We have started a journey that will forever change the livelihoods of our people,” added Dr. Mutua
Prof Kibwana observed that the leaders must focus on how to help the youth out of poverty and hopelessness.
“We have chosen to work with the President to realize our agenda, our people must however decide on who should negotiate on their behalf,” said Prof. Kibwana
The Governors hinted that they are ready to work with MCAs, MPs, Senators and all leaders to spur development in the counties.
By Yobesh Onwong’a

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