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Wamalwa Wants Vihiga Residents to Back “the handshake”

Devolution Cabinet Secretary (CS) Eugene Wamalwa has urged residents of Vihiga County to embrace the March handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga for sustainable economic growth.

Wamalwa was speaking at Mbale Municipal Grounds where had joined the locals to celebrate the 39th Anniversary of Maragoli Cultural Festivals on Wednesday.

He praised the handshake between the president and former premier saying it had created a peaceful environment, thus enabling the government to implement development projects in all parties of the country.

The CS cited the ongoing water project in Vihiga County which is funded by the Belgium government.

“Last year I was heckled and chased away from here yet I was carrying with me some good news for the people,” recalled Wamalwa, adding the incident did not deter him pushing for the water project.

A rowdy crowd ejected Wamalwa, the then Water and Irrigation CS, from a similar event at the same event on December 26 last year.

“However, as a government we have buried the ugly past and we are now focused on improving living standards for the people,” said Wamalwa.

The Sh15 million water project, being implemented in two years targets to supply water in Maseno, Mbale, and Kaimosi area.

“Apart from improving and upgrading the water plants, the project will see the laying of new water supply lines and construction of new elevated steel tanks in strategic areas that will see constant water supply to the people of Vihiga,”  he  told the jubilant crowd.

On completion, the Maseno water supply project which has the capacity of serving the entire Luanda and Emuhaya sub-counties will have a new 7km supply line, coupled with installation of chemical tanks, a new treatment plant and a new elevated steel tank at Kima.

The project will further reinstate Ebusakami, Esirabe, Luanda water tanks to operational capacity.

The Mbale water project will have a new 5000 cubic metre new line that will see supply reach Chavakali trading centre.

“The elevated 203 cubic metres steel tank at the County headquarters in Mbale will also be refurbished,” added Wamalwa who promised to regularly monitor work progress.

Kaimosi water supply will get a 2005 cubic metre extended piping to serve Shamakhokho, Busali and Wodanga trading centres with elevated steel tanks.

“The Belgium water project once completed and commissioned in 2019 will have a high socio-economic impact as well as enhance the health conditions of the people of Vihiga County,”   Wamalwa added.

Besides the water project, the government was also rehabilitating several roads in the county.

“Deputy President William Ruto was in this county a week ago during which he launched several projects including roads,” the CS observed.

By Maurice Aluda




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