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Water Company assures Lake-side residents of clean water

Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company (KIWASCO) has cautioned area residents against post disinfection of treated piped water.

The company, in a statement assured area residents that the water being supplied in the area was clean and safe for consumption.

The message comes in the wake of concerns over the safety of the water sourced from Lake Victoria which is infested by the water hyacinth.

The weed which has choked the company’s intake has affected the taste of water causing fears amongst consumers.

In the statement, KIWASCO contended that the presence of the water hyacinth had adversely affected the quality of raw water from the lake.

This, according to the statement has led to formation of iron which is behind the coloration of the essential commodity.

“Occurrence of iron may lead to coloration of water when chlorinated products such as water guard and any other forms of water treatment containing chlorinated compounds are added to it,” read the statement in part.

The company assured consumers that all measures had been put in place to ensure that the quality of the water is not compromised.

The firm maintained that the water had no pathogens that could cause any water-borne disease such as cholera, typhoid and diarrhoea.

By Brian Odeke and Chris Mahandara

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