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Women Jailed for Assaulting Landlady   

    Two women charged with physically assaulting their landlord were on Wednesday sentenced to serve a jail term of six months or alternatively pay a fine of Sh. 30,000 each by a Murang’a court.

Standing before Chief Magistrate, Margret Wachira, the two women, Helen Njeri and Veronica Wanjiru were found guilty of assaulting Ms Jane Mworia on January 15, 2018.

According to sufficient evidence tabled before the court by the prosecution and testimonies by witnesses, indicate that on the said date, Ms Mworia had gone to pay a visit to her tenants at Kirogo Location when the two accused persons confronted and attacked her.

The first accused was found guilty of attacking Ms Mworia with an umbrella, causing severe injuries to her right shoulder, while the second accused was found guilty of slapping her on both cheeks.

“I saw Wanjiru, the second accused person slapping Mworia,” said Beatrice Wanjiru, a witness presented to the court by the prosecution.

Mworia told the court that after being attacked by the two women, she managed to escape and reported the matter to the police where she was issued with a P3 form.

She later went to Kirogo Hospital where she was treated and discharged. According to the doctor who attended to her while at the hospital, Ms Mworia had serious injuries on her right shoulder and her cheeks were swollen.

“I treated Mworia on her right shoulder where she had severe injuries,” the doctor told the court.

Upon being given a chance to defend themselves, the two accused had nothing to say, and opted to wait for the court to make a ruling against them.

Being satisfied with the evidence, the Chief Magistrate, Margaret Wachira found the two accused persons guilty of assault which is a violation of human rights and against the law, and sentenced them to six months imprisonment or pay a fine of Sh. 30,000 each.

The two were given 14 days to appeal the case if they were not contented with the ruling.

By Bernard Munyao and Philip Kamau

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