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Youths Getting Hooked to older Women

A Seventh day Adventist pastor has raised a red flag over cases where young men are increasing getting attracted to older women.

Pastor Kennedy Mfune  from Zambia expressed concern that young men were going for older women for comfort and monetary gains.

The priest said it was dangerous for young people to hang out with older women as they were wasting their youthful years and time.

“When a young man is tempted to befriend a woman who is older than him, then he gets used to getting everything easy as this woman will endevour to provide everything to keep him by his side” he said.


He cautioned that men should start taking responsibility right from the beginning during courtship and live a normal life where their prospective spouse will understand and appreciate their status so that when they moved to the next step or marriage, the woman already understands what the man can afford and what he cannot afford. This will help prepare them mentally on the future expectations and therefore cement a strong foundation.

“It is unfortunate when young men are enslaved by older women who use financial and material things to keep them in their custody which ends up being captivity” he remarked.

The pastor regretted that whenever some young men found themselves in  such scenarios, they were unable to disentangle themselves from such relationships and move on with their lives as they got used to easy  life and free things which was a life they did not labour for” he said.

Pastor Mfune cautioned the young men during a wedding ceremony between Kelvin Nanga of Tumaini SDA Church and Lydia Nyabuti of Saika East SDA Church which was held at the groom’s church in Komarock estate of Nairobi County.

He advised that the church leadership should endevour to organize frequent social events where young people could interact and be able to choose prospective spouses whom they had known for a while so that they did not find themselves with partners whom they regretted having married in future.

He cited an incident back in Zambia in which a young man was used to befriending people’s wives. “One day a man whom the wife was a victim pretended to have gone away for a long journey but was just in the neighbourhood and the thief came and as he relaxed in this man’s house, the owner knocked on the door and the young man was beaten to death by the public which called him a thief.”he said.

So when young men prefer looking for such women, the pastor said they should know they were endangering their lives as they may never settle with women who were not well financially as they already were used to easy life, he warned.

By  Lydia Shiroya


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