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What is KNA?

The Kenya News Agency was created in 1963 and is today the flagship of the Department of Information. Its predecessor was the Kenya Information Service established in 1939 to inform the public on the progress of World War II. This mission ended with the war.

What are key activities of KNA?

Gathering, processing and disseminating News Stories, Features for print, TV news and Features and Photographs.
From its countrywide network of information officers, KNA’s National Editorial Desk receives an average of 100 news stories and features daily which are edited and forwarded to paid-up subscribers for onward transmission to the public. KNA journalists are trained to cover a wide range of topics of interest and benefit to the public.

How does one subscribe to KNA News?

By filling out a subscription form which is available in KNA offices, Uchumi House, 5th floor or can be downloaded from KNA website

Does KNA content require licensing?

No, KNA content does not need licensing but one has to comply to the Terms and Conditions given