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Student Attachment

Instructions for application for Industrial Attachment
Students in learning institutions who may require attachment may apply to Kenya News Agency
(KNA) either as an institution or an individual.

The applicant must visit Uchumi House 5th Floor, Aga Khan Walk, Nairobi.

A student may be posted to any county office/station that has space/vacancy and not necessarily one of his/her choice.
Before reporting to the station, the student should be accredited by the Media Council of Kenya.

Requirements for an institution applying on behalf of students
i. A letter of introduction from the training institution indicating clearly that the students are insured.
ii. List of students indicating their name, admission number, national ID/Birth Certificate number, and preferred county of attachment
iii. NB: On the day of collection of attachment letters, one MUST submit copy of ID/Birth Certificate /Passport and Police Clearance Certificate of each student

Requirements for individual application
i. A letter of introduction from the training institution requesting for attachment indicating clearly that the student is insured
ii. Valid national ID/Birth Certificate/Passport
iii. Police Clearance Certificate