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About Us

Kenya News Agency Products and Services

 Established in 1963, the Kenya News Agency is the current flagship of the Department of Information under the Ministry of Information Communication and Technology.

It runs a National Editorial Desk (Press Office), Electronic (TV) News Unit, Mobile Cinema and Photographic Services and supervises 72 county and sub-county offices. Through collaboration with KBC, KNA provides a diverse and rich information flow.

 County Information Offices

KNA disseminates electronic news reports and information products through a subscription service to local and international broadcasters and publishers. Its 47 County Information Offices and 11 regional publications are focal points for content creation and dissemination.

Subscribers to the news bureau service include Kenya’s leading media houses, regional magazines and international press agencies

 Online News Websites

KNA publishes news reports from around the country. These reports give insight into the daily challenges and successes of Kenyans.

With news reporters in 72 offices across the country, these reports offer the widest perspective on Kenya today.

 Historical Images and video

KNA inherited a rich photo collection from it predecessors, the Kenya Information Service (KIS), which was formed in 1939 to disseminate information on World War II. After the war, it served as an information and propaganda unit for the colonial British government from 1945 – 1963. When Kenya gained self-rule in 1963, the service was restructured as the Kenya News Agency (KNA).

The images captured over decades of news reporting are now available online for the public to view and buy through the Urithi Images and Video service run by KNA. .

Photography and Videography

KNA offers photography and videography services to the community. Reporters with professional equipment can be hired from KNA.

 Mobile Cinema

For decades, KNA has brought video content to communities in rural areas. Mobile Cinemas still run today bringing information and entertainment to Kenyans living outside urban areas.

The Future of KNA

It is anticipated under Vision 2030 that KNA will reform and restructure itself to meet Kenya’s information needs. The Ministry of Information Communication and Technology Strategic Plan (2013-2017) stipulates the need for a knowledge-based society and calls for the creation of content, digitization and easy access to public information.

KNA is expected to be a key source of quality content for Kenyans.